Serby AG is a Swiss based international engineering & consulting company. We specialize in custom engineering of pneumatic conveying systems, and thrive in delivering innovative solutions that push industrial processes to their optimal efficiency while encouraging a better future.


Our pneumatic conveying solutions are based on a unique know-how, which makes it possible to not only maintain any conveyed material at its highest quality, but also significantly cut the energy consumption of a conveying system (compared to most competitors). We accomplish it with an accurately calculated slow speed flow.

The solutions serby offers are based on the proven and genuine Wave-Phase© and conventional Dense-Phase Systems, which are known for their reliable, clean and degradation-free lines.

About Serby

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Serby has 35 years of experience in pneumatic conveying engineering which allows us to provide the end client a solution of extremely efficient method of transportation of granular, powder and friable products. Serby's custom designed systems provide precision, reliability and cost effectiveness that saves our clients millions of dollars.
The pneumatic conveyor systems we engineer can stretch between 50m to over 1500m, with capabilities of 500 kg/hr to over 100 t/hr, and which can all be easily achieved by applying Serby's genuine low velocity Wave-Phase© technology. We can ensure that your material is being handled with ideal speed and the utmost efficiency in conveying Max Weight per Distance Ratio.