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The greatest advantage of a plant's pneumatic transport lies in a truly experienced and dedicated engineering team and state-of-the-art technology. Serby AG can bring this advantage to your company with a significant added-value of the most efficient, cost effective and energy saving solutions, because our specialty and only focus is pneumatic conveying systems.


Plan & Design



Professional and reliable engineering consulting can only be achieved with the necessary know-how, coupled with dedicated selection of high quality mechanical components. Serby closely evaluates equipment for cost, quality and efficiency, and provides the client a technically optimized and effective plan for his pneumatic conveying project.


Serby offers custom engineered pneumatic conveying systems, that guaranties to maintain the conveyed material at its highest possible quality while keeping energy consumption rates and the overall equipment wear rate at their lowest levels.

Years of diverse experience allows Serby to provide troubleshoot services in cases such as a malfunctioning existing pneumatic conveying lines or an upgrade and conversion of a line's conveying purpose and quantity transmission goal.