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During the conveying process, it is of highest importance to ensure that the transferred material maintains its quality, in the maximum amount and within a minimum time span. By applying Wave-Phase© technology, Serby's engineering designs delivers these objectives, which will also bring the client a significant added value to his conveying operation.

What is Wave-Phase© Technology?

Serby AG is the only company worldwide to genuinely apply the ideal low velocity pneumatic conveying technology - Wave-Phase©.

The Wave-Phase technology uses an internal bypass pipe within the primary conveying pipe in order to stabilize the transport process without any additional external influence. This method allows considerable gas velocity reduction compared to the velocity in conventional conveying method such as dense-phase or dilute-phase. Inaccurate velocities may cause material quality degradation and a fast wear-out of the conveying system itself.


Wave-phase is suitable for fluidized bulk materials that have the tendency to plug the conveying system under normal conditions. In case a plug is formed in the conveying pipe, wave-phase technology will allow the conveying gas-flows into the bypass pipe, which is streamed in by uniformly spaced openings. The flow resistance in the bypass causes the gas to enter the conveying pipe again through one of the next bypass openings, where it then releases the plug.

14 Reasons Why Wave-Phase©

  1. No pipe blockages

  2. Re-start possible with full pipe (i.e. blocked), in case such as unintentional shutdown

  3. Lower gas consumption

  4. No additional gas is required for purging the line (in contrast to gas injection systems)

  5. No additional components required as in external bypass systems (e.g. non-return valves, sensors, etc.)

  6. Lower power consumption

  7. Increased system reliability and lifespan

  8. Low maintenance required

  9. Lower plant wear due to low velocity (especially important for abrasive materials)

  10. Lower pipes and gaskets wear

  11. Minimum or nil product loss due to particle degradation (friable materials)

  12. Smaller compressors and filters due to lower gas flow rate

  13. Lower flavor loss (food products)

  14. No 'angel hair' for plastics


In our engineering designs, Serby also applies conventional pneumatic conveying methods such as Dilute-Phase and Dense-Phase, which include medium and high flow velocities and can be recommended in some cases, based on the conveyed material or client's preferences.